Global basement studies including depth to basement and sediment thickness estimations help to identify potentially productive sedimentary basin areas, and to map their extents. On a basin scale, depth-to-basement mapping provides important constraints for source rock maturity modeling and for understanding the local thermal regime.

We have generated a number of global basement studies including  depth to basement map of the world’s hydrocarbon basins based on global gravity and magnetic databases, with control from published scientific reports, seismic lines and wells. Our continental scale depth to basement packages use an integrated gravity and magnetic analysis approach to generate new global depth-to-basement and sediment thickness maps. The results should be considered as a first-pass screening for unknown or hidden sedimentary basins.

Global basement studies involve assessing the prospectively of frontier areas of basins across the middle East, central Asia, Caucusus, and north and south America.

Our global basement studies involve merging new data with existing data sets and the final compilations provide a consistent onshore/offshore data set that covers the studied regions, and is the primary data set used for our study – useful where no basement reflector can be resolved.These global basement studies provide insights into basement composition derived from basement outcrop onshore, basement intersections in wells, and academic research publications provide sampling surveys conducted across the region.

Global basement studies of gravity, magnetic, and structure databases

We have developed access to continental data sets covering Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Southeast Asia augmented with satellite gravity data over marine areas, and public domain data sets covering Australia and Canada.

Similarly we have developed access  to global magnetic data sets incorporates our many continental-scale compilations, country specific datasets, over eight million line kilometres of reprocessed ship-track profile data, and public domain compilations.

Global basement studies of structure and surface geology

Technical reports containing global structures, 5 km grids of depth-to-basement, sediment thickness, depth-to-Moho and crustal thickness