A strong research heritage and world-leading consulting services

Consulting services on continental-scale tectonic reconstructions and regional basin surveying of frontier exploration provinces, to petroleum systems analysis on sub-basin scale

Commissioned Projects

Eslan Labs provides confidential consulting services solutions including depth-to-basement studies, structural analysis, basin studies, and comprehensive modern literature searches and reports.

Commissioned consulting services projects are conducted by our career-long experienced geophysicists, and structural geologists ensuring that our integrated studies are delivered in an actionable exploration context.

We have 40+ years of worldwide experience in interpreting gravity and magnetic data controlled by seismic and well data. Using our own gravity and magnetic database compilations, or a fusion of open-source and proprietary surveys, our scientists will provide consulting services in support your early stages of exploration.

Regional Briefs & Reports

Eslan Labs’s Regional Briefs provide focused assessment reports of the exploration opportunities in frontier and under-explored basins. Our reports enable rapid identification of significant elements requiring further investigation and the geological context of a region. They are intended to be used at scales from continental to sub-basin.

Regional Briefs are built on Eslan Labs’s Source (TM) platform of detailed plate modeling, gravity and magnetic interpretation, and tectonic/structural mapping where interpretations are framed within a regional-scale context of tectonic evolution.

This is further strengthened by our on-going work on multi-level gravity and magnetic data fusion, advanced data processing techniques and actionable gravity and magnetics interpretation.

Literature Search

Geoscience utilizes many different types of information sources, is less dependent on journal literature than other science disciplines, and older literature is important. A world view and orientation is important for geoscientists to assimilate an effective understanding of geological processes. There is a surprising lack of librarian inclusion of world databases for finding geoscience literature.

Integration of clients’ proprietary data with open-source provides the optimal platform to generate geological interpretations, robustly constrained within the regional structural framework.

All client-commissioned work is strictly confidential