Eslan Labs’ Regional Reports provide assessments of the exploration opportunities in the world’s frontier and under-explored basins. These reports enable quick identification of the main issues requiring investigation and the geological context of any play region. They are designed to be used at a variety of scales, from continental to sub-basin.

Taking a strong geological approach our Regional Reports contribute to the understanding of basins and petroleum systems can provide the geological context to help reduce uncertainty of plays.

Regional Reports are built on Eslan Labs’ exploration services platform of detailed plate modelling, gravity and magnetic interpretation, basement architecture, and basin-wide fault, structure analysis and modeling.

Basement plays an important role in oil and gas exploration in sedimentary basins because it influences the formation of the majority of the oil and gas producing sedimentary basins of the world. Our Regional Reports typically emphasize much of the regional basement structure and stratigraphic context within the overlying, younger sedimentary section influencing depositional patterns and locations of structures.